Go to the Glass Insulators web siteThis is a large site of over a thousand HTML pages and 25MB of pages and images. The site was started in 1996, and I have been developing it from the beginning. Despite its size, it is easy to navigate and you can be assisted by a site-wide search engine. Features include custom CGI for a variety of interactive pages and fast loading high quality images. See why author and noted antiques columnist Harry Winker said:

"Why should you look at the site if you have no interest in insulators? The answer is to understand what is possible and to have a standard by which to judge all other antiques and collectibles sites that you visit. I strongly recommend surfing through www.insulators.info."

Read Harry's full review on the site's Insulator News page.

Go to the Video Signals web siteThis site was developed for a video store chain that wanted a web presence. The goals were to design a simple site so their customers could view the current releases, top rentals, store locations and rental policies. The main feature is an interactive Movie Finder! that allows visitors to query their rental inventory of almost 20,000 VHS movies as well as laser discs and DVDs by title keywords, category and/or rating. Try out the Movie Finder! for yourself! Another goal was to allow the client to take over maintenance and weekly updates of the Top 20 list, New Releases, and movie rental databases. The site also includes a simple shopping card for ordering movies.

Go to the web site of Michael P. FraseThe web site of the internationally known, award winning artist Michael P. Frase. His artistic interpretation of a pair of hooded mergansers captured the first-place award in the Florida Game and Fresh Water Commission's "Florida Waterfowl Stamp" design competition. Michael's 100% original acrylic paintings and prints are now in all 50 states, and dozens of other countries. They are also sold by Audubon, National Wildlife Federation, Easter Seals, C.A.R.E., Pheasants Forever, Ducks Unlimited, and several other groups.

Go to the Telegraph Trail Preservation Society web siteThis site was developed for the Telegraph Trail Preservation Society. TTPS promotes the historical significance and preservation of this historic site by restoring, maintaining and promoting the Trail for recreational use. A section of trail, now over 60 miles in length has been located and restored in northern British Columbia.

Go to the Iffland Lumber Company web site

A small commercial site designed to highlight the various products that the Iffland Lumber Company sells. A simple but effective design that gives them a web presence.

Go to the National Insulator Association web siteThe site for the National Insulator Association. The home page describes the charter and goals of the organization, and provides links to resources for association members. Other pages include a new membership application, membership handbook, information about local clubs and shows, and details about their annual National convention.

Go to the Carlisle, MA web siteI donate my time providing technical support, proofing, design and graphics work for the non-profit Town of Carlisle, Massachusetts web site.

Shearing a gray male alpacaExpertAlpacaShearing is a new domain I am working on as a resource for locating quality alpaca shearers around the country. Here is Steve Blair shearing a gray male alpaca.

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Last updated Monday, February 06, 2012